VDO LAB INC, located in Westchester County since 1984 is multimedia post- production company.  When you collaborate with us as your innovative provider, you have taken the first important step to a new way of doing production. Using state of the art equipment and working closely with some the world’s finest technicians, we represent the pinnacle of video quality in every project we handle. Our objective is to be highly competitive in this fragmented, fast changing marketplace, delivering the most pioneering, cost-effective services supporting our wide range of client’s specific needs.

  • 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm Film Conversion 

  • Audio Conversion/Mini Micro Conversions

  • 1" inch Reel Conversions

  • Betamax, Beta SP, BetaCam, DigiBeta Conversion 

  • Umatic 3/4 Conversions

  • SVHS, VHS, VHSC, Conversions

  • Digital 8 and HI8 Conversions

  • DVC-Pro Conversions

  • D1 and D2 Conversions

  • International Video Conversions

  • Kodak Slide Digitizing

  • Audograph Disc Conversions

  • Blu-Ray Video Services

  • Global Media Distribution

  • Video Marketing Solutions

  • Green Screen Suite

  • Corporate, Retail, Healthcare Video Production Services

  • IT Computer Part Supply

  • Website Design and Management

  • Content Storage/Cloud Storage Solutions

  • Digitizing Services

  • Bulk CD/DVD/Blu-ray Duplication

  • Video and Audio Editing


Services We Offer: