Your media artwork is valuable. Our production studio houses only the finest equipment and prestigious software systems. At VDO, you obtain the utmost level attention and dedication to detail. We are a team of devoted digital craftsmen who stand for quality, accuracy, and value with each and every project.

Our objective is to be highly competitive in this fast changing market place, delivering

proficient and cost-effective services supporting a broad range of our clients specific needs.

Migration, Restoration, Digitizing Services :

  • 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm Film

  • 1" inch Reel

  • Magnetic Tape Audio (Reel to Reel)

  • Betamax, Beta SP, BetaCam, DigiBeta  

  • Umatic 3/4  


  • Digital 8 and HI8  

  • DVC-Pro 

  • XD-CAM

  • DV-Cam

  • Mini DV, HDV

  • D1 and D2 Audio

  • DAT Audio

  • Mini Micro Cassette

  • 8Track Audio

  • International Video (PAL)

  • KodaChrome Slides

  • Negatives

  • Audograph Disc

  • Blu-ray

Other Media Services:

  • Post Production

  • Audio & Video Editing

  • Data Recovery

  • Global Media Distribution

  • Corporate, Health Care, And Retail Video Marketing Solutions

  • Content Storage/Cloud Storage Solutions

  • Website Design/ Management

  • Audio, Video, Data Duplication's