As technology continues to evolve so do we. Working closely with our skillful artists and technicians we present the "video brochure". The video brochure is a novel, convenient, and unique marketing tool that has changed the way our client advertise.

The "video brochure" may seem new to the market but it has been used efficiently in various industries, by some of the worlds largest companies. It has revolutionized the video and print industry and has taken it to new grounds.   


Imagine putting your powerful and personalized message in an engaging and captivating video, right in the palm of your customer's hands without depending on additional technology like wi-fi or cell coverage. Whether you are at an expo, fundraising, educating students, securing sponsorships, educating new clients, or soliciting new clients, everyone knows how difficult it can be to connect in meaningful ways through a cluttered landscape. That’s where the video brochure comes in. It allows your company or organization to be creative and innovative with your marketing strategy and stand apart from the crowd.


*PLEASE NOTE: Video brochures come in custom sizes and video formats available. Full color print and video, high quality sound and display, multiple screen sizes available, loads up to 2 hours worth of video, fully rechargeable battery.

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